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Political Action: Unions and Politics


An excerpt from the IBEW PAC Toolkit:

The IBEW Canada grassroots political program of growing Political Action Committees (PAC’s) in our Local Unions has been a key element to our early success, and Local Union PAC’s should be commended for their involvement. Our goal is to be proactive on issues and education, ensuring that our members have up-to-date information on legislation, political activities, elections and training programs available to them, so they can create or update and improve upon successful PAC’s across the country.


POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES: For a quick reference guide for the Federal government which includes contact information and links for Ministers, their staff, parliamentary assistants and the opposition critics, click here: Federal Quick Reference Guide 

For a quick reference guide on upcoming Federal and Provincial elections, click here: Elections Chart

While the guide and chart is current, it should be noted that changes can occur at any point in time and members should ensure that the information is correct at their time of use.


IBEW PAC Toolkit

The IBEW Political Action Committee toolkit was designed by IBEW Canada for our members who wish to become politically active and bring attention to issues that matter most to our members and their Local Unions. The importance of our political involvement is paramount to the future of the IBEW and the labour movement in Canada. Click here to download a copy for your PAC today: IBEW PAC Toolkit

The toolkit is intended for the express use of our IBEW International Representatives, Local Unions, Political Action Committees (PAC’s), Committees on Political Education (COPE), for the purpose of communicating with IBEW members and their families. This manual may not be reproduced without the express written permission of the IBEW. 

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