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The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is an organization made up of nearly one million men and women just like you – engaged in every type of employment.  Their needs and goals are the same as yours; however, they have personal strength and human dignity that come from belonging to a world-respected labour organization which helps its members live better, freer and fuller lives.

We will spend a good portion of our adult life working and, other than our health and family, our job should probably be the most important concern we have.

We have the right to a degree of job satisfaction in our career and a right to a decent wage and working conditions.

If those aren’t there, or if you would like to protect the wages and conditions you currently enjoy, it’s time to consider your options.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has been a proud part of the Canadian labour movement for over 100 years. We have built our union on our commitment to organize and represent workers; our membership and longevity is proof of that commitment.

The IBEW represents workers in many different industries such as Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Voice Data Video, Utilities, Construction, Maintenance, Motor Shops, Sign Shops, CATV, Radio and Television, Sound and Alarm systems, Railroads, Shipyards, Pulp and Paper Mills, Mining, Tree Trimming, Health Care and Government employees.

Joining the IBEW is a choice that will help you fulfill your needs in the workplace. Our union has the resources, and trained staff to do the job of representing workers in negotiations, safety, grievances, arbitrations, workers compensation, labour legislations, and all other areas of labour relations.

“Canadian workers, trade unions and employers
recognize and support freedom of association
and free collective bargaining.”
Preamble – Canada Labour Code


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